1-1 Personal Training

One to one training is ideal for busy people who want a more personal approach to their training. You can train with me locally in a private PT studio or if you have access to some your own personal gym equipment, you may prefer to train in the comfort of your own home or suitable outdoor space. After getting to know you better and assessing your fitness levels and lifestyle, I can begin to tailor a workout programme specifically designed to help you achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals, all personalised using fitness software accessible via your mobile device or computer.

1-1 Personal Training

What’s included

  • Initial consultation with exercise history and health screening to highlight any injuries or medical issues
  • Developing a roadmap of how to begin your transformation by creating an action plan towards your desired physique and fitness levels
  • A personalised fitness programme using QuickCoach coaching software, which you can access through any device and use anytime outside of scheduled sessions
  • Regular progress reviews


a 1 hour session


5 x 1 hour sessions


  • Saving £10

Nutrition Coaching

I am a Precision Nutrition coaching specialist. The largest and most respected nutrition coaching and education providers globally having helped over 100,000 people get in the best shape of their lives!

The Precision Nutrition approach uses the most up to date scientific evidence when it comes to delivering nutritional advice. As a coach, I dive deeply into learning all about what ‘you’ the ‘client’ needs and what you want to accomplish. I aim to discover how you live and what is important to you. From there, we can work together to build the right exercise and nutrition plan based on your goals and lifestyle.

Nutrition Coaching

Who is Nutrition Coaching for?

Nutrition Coaching is ideal if you’re tired of Yo-Yo dieting, crazy food fads and restriction and want to get your health and physique back on track. Whatever your goals may be, whether it’s fat loss to developing healthier food habits, I’ll help you build new habits and skills to create long term and lasting change. The Precision Nutrition approach goes beyond healthier food choices. You will learn ways to help manage stress, good sleep practices, mindful eating, hydration, food preparation and lots more!

I will guide you towards building new skills and habits gradually to fit in with your life. This avoids an overwhelming ‘all or nothing’ approach which so many people try and fail at. You will receive customised nutrition guidance designed specifically around your personal circumstances. If you’re a busy working professional or a parent with many other daily priorities, I work with you to find solutions to any obstacles you face. If you’re fed up with the quick fix approach and want a long-term solution, Nutrition Coaching can help you achieve this.

What’s included

  • Initial consultation and health screening either in person or Facetime/Zoom
  • Discussion of exercise and health history
  • Assessment of current nutrition and exercise habits
  • Setting specific and realistic goals
  • Initial personalised nutrition report
  • Building an individualised action plan to help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals using QuickCoach coaching software accessible through any device
  • A weekly support check-in via email/messenger/phone to review progress, accountability and assess outcomes
  • Client nutrition handouts and learning aids


How is Nutrition Coaching different to a Slimming Club?

I will work with you 1-1 to deliver bespoke nutrition advice that is right for you as we are all different. The focus will be on building skills and changing habits so your goals become sustainable in the long term and not a yo-yo diet effect. I want you to be able to still enjoy the foods you love and not feel like you are restricting yourself like many diet approaches do.

How fast will I see the results I want?

Often, the quicker we lose weight through more extreme measures such as food restriction, the quicker it will go back on when ‘normal business’ resumes and we start to eat and drink as we did before the ‘diet’!! If you want to drop 3 stones in 6 weeks, you may need to recalibrate your expectations a little! Being consistent with your nutrition and exercise habits will help you on the road to reaching your goals. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint!


month to month


3 month commitment


  • Saving £30

6 month commitment


  • Saving £108

Group Exercise Classes

If working out with others is something you enjoy, why not come and join me at one of my Group Exercise classes based in Surrey.

Freestyle Pump @ Lifestyle Fitness Lightwater
Freestyle Fitness Yoga @ Lifestyle Fitness Lightwater
Freestyle Pump @ Lifestyle Fitness Lightwater
HIIT @ Lifestyle Fitness Lightwater
Shape & Sculpt @ Tomlinscote Sports Centre Frimley
Freestyle Fitness Yoga @ Tomlinscote Sports Centre Frimley
Freestyle Pump @ Lifestyle Fitness Lightwater
Spin @ Lifestyle Fitness Lightwater
Bodysculpt @ Tomlinscote Sports Centre Frimley
Freestyle Fitness Yoga @ Tomlinscote Sports Centre Frimley
Spin @ Lifestyle Fitness Lightwater

I Want to Help you to live your best life inside and out.